Opportunities to serve

Altar Serving:

Children and teens who have received their First Communion are welcome to join our Altar serving team.

St. Ambrose: Cuu Ngo 617-990-4341                                           

 St. Mark: Emilia Cowell [email protected]


Do you have a desire to help share the faith with children and teens? Contact our religious education coordinators to discuss a teaching role.

St. Ambrose: Thuy Nhung Nguyen 617-287-2993                                         

 St. Mark:  Emilia Cowell, [email protected]


Share your voice and enhance the beauty of the Mass.

St. Ambrose Vietnamese Choir: Vu Ngo 617-935-1671

St. Ambrose Children's Choir: Ngan Vo 617-412-6176

St. Mark 8 am Choir:  

St. Mark Spanish Choir:    Rene Chew - 

St. Mark 12 pm Choir:        Denise Hurley  617-288-9472

Extraordinary Ministers:

Assist with the distribution of Holy Communion.

St. Ambrose: Tien Nguyen 857-334-6858                                 

St. Mark: Cathy White [email protected]


Proclaim the Word of God.

St. Ambrose: Trang Vo 857-222-0186 & Dung Ngo 617-283-0872                           

St. Mark:   Elizabeth Metelues-  [email protected]

St. Ambrose Liturgical Dance Team: Hang Tran 978-770-8740

Girls between the ages of 10 and 15 are welcome to join our Vietnamese Liturgical Dance Team.


Welcome everyone into our community at Masses, help with the collection and distribution of bulletins.

St. Ambrose: Tuan Tran 617-590-3735                           

St. Mark:  Jack Wermers   857-310-1814

Young Adult Group at St. Ambrose: Jimmy Luong 857-654-7489

The Vietnamese Eucharistic Youth Movement at St. Ambrose:

Cong Nguyen 774-274-5655

Youth Group Core Team:

Do you feel called to walk alongside teens in their faith journey?

Contact Emilia Cowell-  [email protected]