Staff and Ministry Coordinators

Staff and Ministry Coordinators

Rev. Joseph Linh T. Nguyen, Pastor. Ext. 301

Rev. Marcos Enrique, Parochial Vicar  617 297 7232
E-Mail Address: [email protected]

Permanent Deacon Marcio Fonseca

In Residence: Rev. Richard Conway, Rev. Thomas Bouton, Rev. Trinh Son

St. Mark Staff  (617-825-2852)
  • Shirley Chu (Business Manager) Ext. 303
  • Emilia Cowell (Religious Education Coordinator) Ext. 304
  • Judith Greeley (Parish Secretary) Ext. 300
  • Lesly Fonseca (Coord. de Educación Religiosa)
  • Rene Chew (Spanish Music Coordinator)
  • Jenny Le (8:00 Mass Choir Coordinator)
  • Denise Hurley (12:00 Mass Choir Coordinator)
  • St. Ambrose Staff  (617-265-5302)
  • Tien Xuan Nguyen (Vietnamese Community Organizer)
  • Joe Calapa (English Mass Choir Coordinator)
  • Vu Ngo (Vietnamese Mass Choir Coordinator)
  • Ngan Kim Vo (Children's Choir Coordinator)
  • Thuy Nhung Nguyen (Religious Education Coordinator)